The North East Economic Review

A bi-annual research journal of north eastern economic association
About the Journal

The North East Economic Review, is a Bi-annual Open Access Online Journal published by the North Eastern Economic Association (NEEA). NEEA is a non-political, non-partisan, voluntary regional economic association with a national perspective. The Association was established in 1997 and is registered under the SR Act XXI of 1860. The journal shall be published in the official website of NEEA i.e. The journal being open access shall provide the research articles contained in it a wide visibility.

The journal’s endeavour is to promote and propagate knowledge related to socio-economic problems and issues. The journal also encourages conceptual and empirical research based articles of relevance to academicians and practitioners in the different sub areas of economics, finance, banking, operations management, human resource management, demographic issues, international business, environmental issues, applied economics, risk management, corporate governance, globalization, business research, strategic management and other related fields. It would also publish authoritative review articles on the above mentioned subfields which developed considerably in recent years. Book reviews and abstracts of Ph.D dissertations shall also be considered for publication.

The language of the journal is UK English. The articles submitted shall be send to review only if the editorial board feels that the paper is related to the theme of the journal and can contribute to the existing body of knowledge. The review process is double blind and shall be rigorous. A submitted article shall be published after it satisfies the reviewers and accepted by the editorial board.

Any manuscript received by the Executive Editor would undergo a preliminary review by the editorial board, before it is been sent to the referee. However, the referee’s report is the only criteria for considering the manuscript for publication. All communications about the manuscript would be restricted to the first/corresponding author only.

Objective of the Journal
The objective of the journal is not different from the general objective of NEEA. It is not aimed to earn revenue for the association but to promote wisdom and interactions between researchers. Specifically they can be underlines as:

  • Undertake, promote, co-ordinate and collaborate in the study of socio-economic problems and issues with emphasis on North East India and beyond
  • Provide a common platform for interaction of ideas and exchange of experiences among the scholars
  • Contribute in promoting an atmosphere conducive for research through dissemination of information and knowledge

Editorial Team

The editorial team would be having a board having the following composition for three years:

  • Prof.E. Bijoykumar Singh, Manipur University, Chairman
  • Prof.Mrinal K Dutta, IIT Guwahati, Member
  • Dr.SumarbinUmdor, NEHU, Member
  • Dr. Rakhi Bhattacharjee, RGICS, New Delhi, Member
  • Dr.Raju Mondal, Assam University
  • Dr.KomolSingha, Sikkim University
  • Dr. M. Hemanta Meitei, Manipur University- ExecutiveEditor

All of them are in-house faculty member of NEEA. The Executive Editor and Assistant Editor shall mainly coordinate between the authors and the referees and are bestowed with the responsibility of collecting manuscripts, sending them to the referee, collecting reports from the referee and send them to the authors. The Chairman and the other members of the editorial board, shall decide if a manuscript shall be sent to a referee and finally accepting a manuscript for publication. The Chairman of the Editorial board in consultation of the other members shall take all the editorial decisions.

Chairman of the Editorial Board

Currently the Chairman of the Editorial Board is:
Prof.E. Bijoykumar Singh
Department of Economics
Manipur University, Manipur, India

Ethical Issues

  • The paper submitted for publication in NEER shall be creative and original. But one may build the paper on the ideas and works of other colleagues while following the basic ethical principles of writing and publishing like providing appropriate reference of such works, acknowledge them properly etc.
  • While preparing and submitting a manuscript for publication, proper procedure shall be followed as provided in "Information to Contributors"
  • The article submitted shall be free from plagiarism, which may not be deliberate but a work of oversight. However, the authors are ethically obligated to abide by the standards of good writing, which precludes plagiarism. The responsibility of plagiarism ultimately lies with the author.
  • Do not be a co-author of a paper unless you have significant contribution to it. Avoid being co-authors only for being a mentor of a project from which the paper is an output.
  • Authors submitting paper to NEER shall avoid self-plagiarism as well. Each manuscript is copyrighted when published. As the author, no longer own the right to these words, so the author shall not reuse them without proper reference.
  • Duplicate publication of the same article shall be avoided. The articles submitted to NEER shall not be submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere.
  • Once the paper submitted in NEER is accepted for publication, the authors have to sign a copyright transfer form and hand over the copyright of the paper to the journal.