Information for Contributors

The North East Economic Review, does not aim at earning revenue for the association rather it attempts to promote interaction of ideals and exchange of experiences among the scholars. However, to maintain the expenditure of running an online journal and regular hosting of issues in the world wide web a nominal processing fee equivalent to Rs. 400 shall be charged from the authors of each of the accepted paper. The amount shall be collected only to cover the cost of publication. Since the paper will be available online so the published articles will be accessible to everyone anywhere in the world. This shall give a high visibility to any of the published paper. All communications about the manuscript would be restricted to the first author/corresponding author only.


It is assumed that manuscripts submitted for review to The North East Economic Review, have not been previously published and are not scheduled for publication elsewhere. Submission of a manuscript to other professional journals while that manuscript is under review by The North East Economic Review is unacceptable. The author(s) must certify that the submitted manuscript is an original work of the author(s) and that it has not been published, accepted or is under review elsewhere. It shall also mention the affiliation and communication details of the corresponding author. Any plagiarism reported in the paper shall be excluded from further review and the matter shall be reported to the head of the institute to which the author(s) is affiliated.

Preparation of Manuscripts

One electronic copy of the manuscript not exceeding 25 pages (including references), typed in Microsoft Word single-space on standard 8.5 by 11 inch page with 1 inch margin in all sides should be mailed to:

The Executive Editor,
The North East Economic Review,
Department of Economics,
Manipur University,
Imphal, Manipur, India.
Pin: 795003, E-mail:

1. The article should be typed in Microsoft Word with a font size 12 in Times New Roman. Equation if any in the paper should be typed using Microsoft Equation Editor
2. The cover page is to include the title of the article, the author's name and his/her institutional affiliation. The article should start from the second page (page appearing just after the cover page). That page should contain the title of the paper followed by abstract, key words etc. Author's name should not appear anywhere else in the body of the paper.
3. An abstract of 200 words or less should be provided.
4. Not more than four key words should appear immediately after the abstract. The key words shall not contain the words already used in the title of the paper.
5. Sub-topics or headings should be limited to two levels and referred to in the text by title rather than number.

6. Tables and figures:
a. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.
b. Figures and graphs should appear on separate pages and numbered consecutively apart from the tables.
c. Source of all tables, figures and graphs should be mentioned in italics.
7. References should be placed at the end of the paper and arranged alphabetically. The APA format of referencing should be used for referring books, articles in journals, articles in edited volumes, electronic documents etc.
8. The citation of books, periodicals and other sources should be done with references in parentheses in the text, e.g. (Estee, 2004). Where necessary a page citation can be added, for example, (Estee, 2004:122). Citation of material having three or more authors should give just the first author e.g. (Nath et al., 1993).
9. Once the paper is accepted for publication the editorial board shall send to the author a template of the paper. The author(s) has(have) to arrange the paper as per the format in the template. The uploaded paper shall have the same design as that of the template. This is necessary to bring uniformity to all the papers submitted in the journal.
10. Once the paper is accepted for publication and the camera ready paper is received from the author(s) all the authors of the paper need to submit a complete and signed "COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT FORM". Until a completed and signed Copyright Assignment Form has been received the work shall not be published in NEER. Submission of the articles as email attachment is requested. Please sent all such mails to "". The covering email must certify that the material has not been published, accepted or is under review elsewhere.

Editorial Office

Dr. M. Hemanta Meitei
(Executive Editor- NEER)
Department of Economics
Manipur University
Imphal, India,
Pin: 795003
Mobile: 8974403506