Announcement - CALL FOR ARTICLES


The editorial board of NEER has been reconstituted. The new board intends to restart the Biannual journal that the earlier board had started. NEER hopes to live upto the expectations of the academic fraternity as a dynamic platform for discussions on issues related with this region. Act East Policy calls for a regional perspective in dealing with the emerging challenges before us. The dialogue for development should no longer be one sided. It is time for us to place our views on our future at every platform so that our views receive the attention they deserve. In this context NEER editorial board solicits well researched articles from our members on issues related directly or indirectly with the regional economy. There is no change in style and policy of the journal. These are available in NEEA website. The following details are proposed

Maximum number of words: Four Thousand words

Last date of submission for the next issue:  Nov 30, 2020